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Software bundle consists of 3 parts:

1. Invent Commander

The Windows application for managing Invent Jetronic ECU.

It can manage calibrations, update firmware, record log files.

2. Firmware

This is the program, which runs in ECU. This program makes complex measurements and calculations in order to operate fuel injectors, idle valve, and other devices. Think of it as an operating system of the ECU.

Firmware can be updated, which brings improvements and bugfixes.

Firmware need calibrations to operate.

3. Calibrations

This is set of options.

It tells firmware how to operate with particular engine. It describe engine characteristics, sensors, valves, injectors, etc.

Commander overview

Connection to the ECU


Bluetooth is the preferred way to connect with the ECU.

  • Make pair with the 'Jetronic' device. PIN code '0000'
  • Go to Start > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices
  • Scroll down to Related settings and select More Bluetooth options

  • Select the COM Ports tab to view the assigned OUTGOING COM port
  • Use this port for communication


When you turn off ignition - connection is dropped, but commander can't see it, and stucks in Searching state. In order to reconnect, you should toggle connection manually.


K-Line is a fallback interface. You can use K-Line if you have issues with Bluetooth. It's mainly used for the trip computer connection.

Connection procedure

  1. Select USB COM port in commander and press ON.
  2. If using Bluetooth - wait few seconds to establish a connection. K-Line is connecting instantly.
  3. If succeeded - commander will read all calibrations from the ECU.


If you see message: Commander version don't correspond to firmware version - you should use proper commander version in order to connect successfully.

Working with calibrations

Calibrations are stored in ECU. If ECU has no calibrations - it can't start an engine.

If you made changes to the calibrations, you should write it to the ECU.

Calibrations can be stored in files. It is recommended to save calibrations to the file after changes are made.


Commander is storing a history of all changes to the ECU in history folder. In case of an accident, you can restore calibrations from the history.

How to load calibrations from a file to the ECU

  • connect to the ECU
  • press Load calibrations from the file and open a file
  • make changes if necessary
  • press Save calibrations to the ECU
  • wait for writing complete

How to change calibrations in the ECU

  • connect to the ECU
  • ensure calibrations are read succesfully from the ECU
  • set Autosave checkbox, and all changes will be appled immediately
  • make changes to the calibrations
  • note that Autosave checkbox is blinking red while saving to the ECU
  • when done, save calibrations to the file

Log recording

Log files are extremely useful for engine tuning and troubleshooting. Log files are saved in Logs folder

How to record a log

  • connect to the ECU
  • press Record log button, the button remains pressed, and time counter is running.
  • when done, press Record log button again, button is released, and time counter is stopped.

Log viewing

How to view a log

  • press Open log file button, and select log file
  • press View log chart to open window with log chart
  • in log chart, select parameters you wish to see.

Log chart navigation

  • Mouse wheel - zoom
  • Mouse left click - set current position in a log
  • Mouse right drag - pan
  • Up/Down buttons - zoom
  • Left/Right buttons - pan
  • Ctrl + Left/Right buttons - move marker step by step

Firmware update


In case of failure you will not be able to start engine. Don't do it, if you are not experienced enough to make recovery steps.

Update procedure

  • turn on the ignition and connect to the ECU
  • IMPORTANT read calibrations from the ECU and save to the file
  • open Parameters - Firmware tab
  • press Update firmware and select firmware file
  • wait for upload to finish
  • connect to the ECU again
  • open calibrations you saved before, and upload to the ECU
  • wait 10sec after finished, and turn off ignition

If update fails

You will not be able to connect to the ECU any more - you will see infinite Searching status. It's expected, there is no valid firmware inside.

Don't worry. ECU is designed in such way, that you can't kill it by firmware update. As long as there is power, connection, and CPU is operational, you will be able to reupload firmware.

  • turn off any battery saving modes in your laptop
  • Close all other applications, including messengers.
  • connect to the ECU. You will see Searching status.
  • Ignore it, press Update firmware and proceed as usual.

If nothing helps

As a last resort, you need K-Line cable with FTDI chip (other chips are unreliable)

  1. Turn ignition OFF
  2. Select proper COM port but don't connect to the ECU
  3. Press Update firmware and select firmware file
  4. Wait for Searching message and turn ignition ON
  5. Upload should start

If upload still not started:

  • check 12V power to the ECU and K-Line cable
  • check if proper COM port selected
  • try different laptop
  • try different K-Line cable
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