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Ignition control

The EMUL wire is used to control the ignition amplifier. It must be connected to the signal wire of the ignition amplifier by cutting off the original wire.


  • Turn on Parameters - Main - Ignition Control.
  • Select Active level: 5 volts
  • Set Zero Angle Correction = 0
  • Reduce by half the parameter Idle - PID Settings - Kp

Set up the distributor with a strobe light:

  • Warm up the engine.
  • Turn on Diagnostics - Test - Fixed angle 0. The engine will run unstable, don't let it stall.
  • Turn on the stroboscope and find the zero degree mark. For better visibility you can label the mark with toothpaste, white marker.
  • To align the mark, adjust the Zero Angle Correction parameter. Don't forget to turn on Autosave.
  • After adjusting, turn off the engine.

For more information check those forum threads: - For Audi/Volkswagen - For Merecedes

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