Trip computer for Jetronic
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  • Counting mileage, average and instant fuel consumption
  • Displaying parameters of the ECU
  • Displaying ECU errors
  • Configure the display settings and update the firmware using a Windows program.


The display is connected to the Invent Jetronic ECU over the K-LINE interface. The display is constantly connected to the battery. It wakes up when activity on K-LINE is detected. Therefore, if a diagnostic adapter, or other devices, is connected to K-LINE, the display will not fall asleep.


Display is controlled with one butoon

  • Short press - Next screen
  • Short press at the "Logo" screen - Show firmware version
  • Long press - Reset Trip counters
  • Long press at the "Statistics" screen - Reset Statistics counters


To configure display options, you need USB-KLine cable

Software can be found in the Downloads section

Software allows you to fine-tune fuel consumption counters, select parameters displayed on the main screen, and tweak some other options.

To change display language - select language in SW, and then perform firmware update.


Displayed when the ignition is turned on, or if connection with the ECU is lost.
If you press the button, the firmware version will appear.

Main screen
Shows chosen 4 parameters.
Long button press resets trip counters

Displays the trip counters
Long button press resets trip counters

Displays the overall statistics.
Long button press resets statistics.
Statistics are reset separately from the trip counters.

Displays the operating parameters of the ECU

If the ECU detects an error - an error description appears at the bottom of the screen