My name is Yaroslav. I am the founder of Invent Labs.

I have been fond of cars and electronics since I was a kid. I started developing electronics for cars in 2007. It was a microprocessor-based ignition project. At first, I did it for my car - my brother and I had a 1977 Ford Taunus V6.

Then we teamed up with Paratruper, a developer from Belarus. He took care of the PC program, and I took care of the hardware and firmware. We created the website (now defunct) and worked on the project in our free time. It turned out that other people needed it. Gradually, a community was formed, which inspired us to improve the product. Later, the project moved to

In 2010, I met Kirill Zarecinev and Alexander Gusev from Moldova. They offered me to add fuel injection to my ignition system.
I was very interested, and I started working on it.

In 2011, we had our first successes.
We tested the system on an Audi 90 quattro 2.2 turbo owned by Kirill Zarecinev.
Thanks to his support, we were able to launch the fuel injection system, which was created virtually from scratch.

In 2011, I created a new website and forum, and started selling Invent EMS.
The product was a success in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

There was an incredible amount of work on the project. At the time, I was working full-time in an IT company, and I couldn't devote enough time to Invent Labs.
I figured that my savings should have been enough for a while. I quit my job and dedicated myself to Invent Labs.

In 2012, we launched another product: Invent Jetronic. Dmitry Kalugin came to our forum and offered to make an Invent chip for the Liskar injection system.
The chip was a success, and later I released my own ECU for the KE-Jetronic conversion.

2013 - Invent EMS learned how to work with electronic throttle and VVT.

2014 - Invent EMS learned to work with natural and liquefied gas engines.
Gas operation continues to be a strong point of Invent EMS.
The system can operate without gasoline at all.

2016 - the Android app was released.

2017 - we launched the official @inventlabs accounts on Facebook and Instagram

2019 - we were a partner of the Lviv stage of the drifting championship. 4 pilots competed on Invent EMS.

2020 - Invent EMS learned how to operate an automatic transmission

2021 - A new multilingual website was launched in English, Ukrainian, and Russian.
10 years after its founding, Invent Labs began to enter the global market.

2022 - we planned experiments on the AN-2 airplane, but due to the war, we were unable to fully engage in our projects. be continued