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Trip computer

For installation into a dashboard


  • Counting mileage, average and instant fuel consumption
  • Displaying parameters of the ECU
  • Displaying ECU errors
  • Configure the display settings and update the firmware using a Windows program.


The display is connected to the Invent Jetronic ECU over the K-LINE interface. The display is constantly connected to the battery. It wakes up when activity on K-LINE is detected. Therefore, if a diagnostic adapter, or other devices, is connected to K-LINE, the display will not fall asleep.


One button is used for control

  • Short Pressing - Screen Change
  • Short press on the screen with the logo - Displays the version of the display firmware
  • Long Pressing - Reset Trips
  • Long press on the "Statistics" screen - Statistics Reset


Displayed when the ignition is turned on, or if connection with the ECU is lost.
If you press the button, the firmware version will appear.

Main screen
Shows chosen 4 parameters.
Long button press resets trip counters

Displays the trip counters
Long button press resets trip counters

Displays the overall statistics.
Long button press resets statistics.
Statistics are reset separately from the trip counters.

Displays the operating parameters of the ECU

If the ECU detects an error - an error description appears at the bottom of the screen

Installation manual


12v - 12V from the battery
gnd - ground
dim - dimmer
btn - button
spd - speed sensor
kl - K-line direct to the ECU

The display wakes up if activity appears on the k-line. Therefore, you cannot connect other devices on the line, or connect this wire to the on-board network. Otherwise, the display will not fall asleep when the ignition is turned off. The display does not fall asleep if the KLINE cable is connected.


disassemble the dashboard (on photo is dashboard from A6C4)

cut 5mm here

insert the display

display should flush into case

fix PCB and wires with sealant or glue

Cut plastic cap

Put red translucent cap instead
(first, remove protective film from both sides)


Soldering points:

Red connector:
8 - speedometer
10 - ground
14 - +12v
17 - parking lights (dimmer)

Green connector:
2 (was not used) - K-line
8 (was not used) - button

From green connector pin 2 put wire to the Invent ECU K-line

remove protective film from the display
put black sticker mask on top

Then, assemble the dashboard


If you don't have stock button at wipers switch - use pushbutton:

for 4-pin pushbutton - solder wires diagonally, to the 1 and 3 pins

first wire connect to the Green conn. pin 2 of the dashboard
second wire - to the ground

it's convenient to put button into the wipers switch, and fix with the glue or sealant

The result