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Invent Jetronic

Modern KE-Jetronic alternative

Simple Installation

All equipment is installed under the hood, with minimal intervention to the car systems. The mechanical injection system is removed.

Automatic adaptation

Sophisticated adaptation algorithm gathers statistics from lambda probe, and adjusts fuel delivery table while you drive

On-board computer

Our on-board computer shows fuel consumption, ECU parameters and errors.


Yes, we ship worldwide, using Regular Post service.

No, it is full featured EFI system. It has own fuel injection and ignition timing algorithms.
To keep installation as simple as possible, Invent Jetronic is designed to work in parallel with a stock ECU.
It can work standalone, but it requires more complex electrical wiring.

You'll need electrical insulation tape, engine sealant, tools.

Yes, you can. Although, you'll have to install lambda probe.

Yes, you can. Our ECU can work standalone, and even can control ignition timing.
Contact us, we can help you with custom fuel rail and ECU tuning for your engine.

Yes, the ECU comes loaded with calibrations for your engine.
But, every engine family has many versions with subtle changes made over the years of production.
So, you need to make initial fueling adjustments to better fit the particular engine. And our proprietary real-time adaptation algorithm will do the hard work of fine-tuning while you drive.
More about this in our First Start Guide: https://invent-labs.com/jetronic/docs/en/setup/firststart.html

Changing a fuel system type will not give you a power boost. To gain more power, you should pack more air into cylinders. You can achieve gains with better intake, exhaust, performance cams, supercharging, etc.

Fuel consumption figures is a result of engine and transmission design (friction and thermal losses). As long as your fuel injection system works correctly - you'll get fuel consumption numbers as designed by the manufacturer.

To sum all above, if your engine is stock, after installing our kit, you'll get properly functioning engine with stock power and consumption.
If your engine is already modified - our ECU can benefit from modifications.


Invent Jetronic
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Invent Jetronic Mini
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Trip computer for Jetronic
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USB-KLine cable
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Audi OBD 2x2 cable
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Установка и настройка Invent-Jetronic
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