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Invent EMS

Universal Engine Management System


Control of 2 inlet and 2 outlet camshafts. Fueling and ignition corrections by the camshaft rotation angle.

Drive by wire

Automatic throttle adaptation. Non-linear control and smoothing. Traction control system


Direct control of gas injectors. Automatic gas-petrol changeover. Operation of a gas engine (without petrol fuel system)

Boost Controller

Flexible adjustment of pressure by gears, pedal, air temperature. Boost-off in emergency modes.


Traction control, flat shift, launch control. A set of protections for boost pressure, engine temperature, exhaust, oil.


Dynamic acceleration smoothing, non-linear throttle control, boost limiting, etc. Driving like a stock car.

Automatic transmission

The integrated AT controller with sport mode allows the perfect match for engine and transmission


Waterproof housing and connector. Automotive-grade components. Power outputs with overcurrent and overheating protection. Automated board assembly.

Crankshaft sensors

  • Audi trigger (two sensors on the flywheel, Audi AAN)
  • Crank + Cam (crank sensor + phase sensor on camshaft, Toyota JZ)
  • 60-2 / 36-1, etc. With any number of teeth
  • 36-2-1 (Mitsubishi)
  • 36-2-2-2 (Subaru / Mazda)
  • 6 + 1 (one of the teeth - double) with any number of teeth (Honda)
  • Nissan optical sensor

Main functions

  • 2 sets of calibrations (for example, petrol/gas, petrol/ethanol, etc.)
  • Driving of low-impedance injectors, including CNG/LPG
  • Gas-petrol automated switching
  • 2 rows of injectors
  • Boost pressure limiting by RPM, pedal, gears.
  • Methanol/nitro corrections.
  • Traction control (anti-slip)
  • VVT / VANOS control, 4 camshafts supported
  • Closed loop lambda control with long-term adaptation

Service functions

  • Air conditioning control, with pressure sensors
  • Automatic engine start by external input

Fueling strategies

  • MAP (for forced induction)
  • MAP+TPS (for NA engines)
  • TPS+MAP (for throttle bodies)

Engine protection

  • EGT (fueling correction, boost reduction, throttle closing, RPM limiting)
  • AFR (cut-off if critical leaning occured)
  • Overboost (fuel cut, throttle closing)
  • Oil pressure (fuel cut if pressure dropped)
  • Oil temperature (boost reduction, RPM limiting)
  • Engine temperature (boost reduction, RPM limiting)


  • Separate testing of each coil and injector
  • Injector PWM testing mode
  • Integrated recorder of crank/cam signals, coils, injectors (analyzer mode)

Features of the program

  • Window size is optimized for the netbook screen
  • Table editor adapted for controlling with keyboard
  • Injection autocalibration
  • Editing tables "on the fly" on the running engine
  • Tables with ability to overlay log data
  • Password protection of calibrations

USB Built in
Bluetooth Built in
Data bus For Logger, Display
Impulse inputs (crank, cam, speed) 4 inductive, 3 hall
Absolute pressure sensor External
Standard Analog Inputs MAP, CLT, IAT, TPS, Lambda
Additional analog inputs 8
Knock sensors 2
Ignition channels 8
Injection channels 8
Universal power outlets (lamps, relays, stepper engine) 12
Number of PWM channels 6 (2 combined with universal outputs)
Tachometer output 1
DBW module Yes (optional)
PWM injector driver Yes (optional)

Invent EMS
Invent EMS
Invent Commander
Invent Commander
Dash for Android
Dash for Android

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List of our partners

Одеса - Invent Labs

Побудова спортивного авто під ключ.
Переобладнання дизельних двигунів на газ.

Георгій Майнов
Тел: 067-5740354
Дзвонити з понеділка по п'ятницю, з 9 до 18

Київ - SJ Racing

Тюнінг, комплектуючі, сервіс.

Instagram: @igor_sjracing
вул. Сортувальна, 22

Київ - 1% tuning

Ремонт і тюнінг двигунів, нестандартні рішення

Потітєєв Євгеній

Киев, вул.Кирилівська 170


Установка и настройка Invent EMS.

Курганский Алексей

Клинцы — А-Моторс

Установка и настройка Invent EMS. Продажа комплектов для переоборудования.
Постройка и доработка двигателей под автоспорт, комплексный тюнинг.
Ремонт и обслуживание ДВС.

тел. +7 980 302-49-11, +7 930 728-87-77

Приморский край, г. Находка

Установка и настройка Invent EMS, Invent-Jetronic

Кузовные работы, ремонт, доработка моторов, изготовление впускных и выхлопных систем, моделирование и изготовление турбокитов, сварочные работы MIG, TIG

Захаров Максим

тел. +89146751608


Skill Auto
Переоборудование, установка и настройка Invent-jetronic, Invent EMS. Продажа комплектов для переоборудования.
Постройка и доработка двигателей под автоспорт, комплексный тюнинг.
Ремонт и обслуживание ДВС.
Возможна рассрочка до 12 мес.

г. Могилёв, переулок гаражный 13а
Пн.-сб. 9.00-19.00
+375 29 6834183


Upgrade Garage
Установка и настройка Invent EMS, Invent Jetronic

Насырбеков Берик Касымханович
Тел: +77082047017
Instagram: @upgradegarade

Кишинев — Cocos Engineering

Официальные представители «Invent-Labs», «Vimota chip tuning», «FCP Engineering» в Молдове

Спортивная команда «FCP racing team»

Проектирование и построика автомобилей для автоспорта от 10 до 1000 л.с.! Drag, Drift, Cross, Auto slalom

Гусев Александр

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